Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mt Eden Dubstep - Sierra Leone [HD]

Such a great dubstep song :D!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting one of these puppies expect 4 inputs!!!! WOOT! Anyone have problems with mbox? or are they that good?
Now I got to get dedicated and be on the GRIND!!!


I'm going to be posting videos more frequently along with songs so keep on the watch <<....>>... Here are some crappy youtube videos I made in window movie maker enjoy lol


Probably going to be using this for my demo cover. Shout out to Germ.S for this ill photo & editing.


So this a link to my soundcloud : P I rough up there with no shame lol There ok, but soon I'll be mastering audio left and right!!


Ello Ello!

So this will be the first post ever. Interesting how the more and more I put myself where I want to be in life. The more I feel like I'm totally exposing myself to random strangers via internets. So anyhow here some pictures of myself